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Solar Photovoltaic System

In response to the trend of renewable energy and sustainable development, solar photovoltaic systems have become a widely used green energy solution. SMANEX IoT technology integrates various sensor devices and platform monitoring functions to automate system management and remote control, enabling intelligent management of solar photovoltaic systems and assisting users in performing the following functions:

  • Monitoring the operating status of the solar photovoltaic system

Through IoT-connected sensors, the real-time monitoring of the system's power generation, temperature, humidity, energy        storage, and other data can be achieved, providing comprehensive monitoring of the system's operating status.

  • Adjusting the operating mode of the solar photovoltaic system

Through IoT technology, the system can adjust its operating mode based on factors such as weather forecasts, sunlight intensity, etc. to achieve more efficient energy utilization.​

  • Remote control of the solar photovoltaic system

Through IoT technology, the system can be remotely controlled. For example, by turning off the system, adjusting the power output, and other operations.

In addition, the industrial-grade gateway provided by SMANEX can be used in high-temperature environments with sunlight outdoors, helping users significantly reduce power consumption and maintenance costs, improve power generation efficiency, accelerate energy transformation, and move towards the goal of net zero emissions.​

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