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Smart Agriculture

IoT technology plays an essential role in modern agriculture and farming. Through IoT connectivity, it helps farmers and breeders to increase productivity and operational efficiency. SMANEX integrates IoT technology to provide the following functions:

  • Health Monitoring

SMANEX integrates IoT technology to monitor the growth status of crops and livestock. The data is stored in a cloud platform for analysis, including temperature, humidity, air quality, etc.

  • Environmental Monitoring and Control

By using monitoring instruments such as temperature and humidity sensors, carbon dioxide sensors, and ammonia sensors, the SMANEX system can understand the environmental conditions of the farming area. Through intelligent algorithms, it can analyze the suitability of the animal growth environment to adjust the farming environment.

  • Feeding Mnagement

Smart feeding management can be achieved through IoT technology. Based on the growth status of the animals (weight and body temperature), the feed distribution and feeding time can be automatically adjusted to improve feed utilization and reduce waste.

  • Data Analysis

Implement information management of the breeding farm, monitor the production situation of the breeding farm, provide production data, achieve accurate production forecasting, and effective management.

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