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Intelligentization of Solar Photovoltaic System

As global warming becomes increasingly severe, countries around the world regard "energy conservation and carbon reduction" as an important issue. Therefore, the use of solar photovoltaic systems has gradually become a trend. OSMART integrates Webdyn EasyTunnel industrial IoT edge computing equipment, intelligently automating the solar photovoltaic system. It can automatically collect and analyze data, transmit data to the cloud platform through the Internet, and users can monitor the system in real-time from anywhere and at any time to understand the operation of the system and improve its operating efficiency.

EasyTunnel industrial IoT edge computing equipment is a gateway that supports 4G network technology to achieve edge computing. It can connect various components of the solar photovoltaic system, including storage batteries, inverters, sunshine meters, temperature and humidity sensors for data collection and transmission.By analyzing the data, the operating status of the solar photovoltaic system can be evaluated and compared with external environmental conditions such as the position of the sun, hours of sunlight, climate, etc. Through data analysis, the system can automatically adjust the operation mode of the solar photovoltaic system to improve its efficiency and stability.

The solar photovoltaic system, combined with EasyTunnel and 4G network technology can provide users with:

  • Edge computing: EasyTunnel can collect data locally and arrange the processing of system data to avoid over-reliance on cloud services.

  • Real-time data analysis: By obtaining real-time data through EasyTunnel, the performance of the solar photovoltaic system can be monitored.

  • Wireless connectivity: EasyTunnel supports 4G network connection, which can save wiring costs and wirelessly connect to monitoring platforms on mobile phones or computers. Users can monitor the system anytime and anywhere to ensure its safe operation.

Through Webdyn EasyTunnel, the solar photovoltaic system can be made more intelligent and the operating costs can be greatly reduced, thereby helping users to save energy effectively.


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