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Edge Computing Gateway

The Osmart Solutions Edge Computing Gateway is a programmable network device with required protocols and I/O interfaces to allow customization. It supports Linux open software platform to optimize the applications in solar energy, water treatment, oil and gas, traffic, and factory automation. Also, it provides multiple connectivity options, including Ethernet, RS232/485, DI/O, WiFi, and MQTT/HTTPs protocols, which are compatible with AWS and Azure platforms. By associating with the Edge Computing Gateway, it supports 5G for eMBB (high bandwidth and speed), URLLC, or mMTC (smart city with IoT network).



EasyTunnel is an innovative and powerful allin-one solution. Thanks to its set of interfaces (RS232, RS485, dual SIM, digital I/O...) and the embedded new TITAN v6 firmware (Modbus, MQTT, IPSec, logger,…) provides a full bundle of functionalities which will fulfill all your IoT applications needs with no need for further hardware, shortening the time-to-market and providing a very cost-effective solution. As new feature, EasyTunnel allows to the user to develop and run their own applications scripts (based on javascript) and giving to the end IoT application a custom style. It includes a big number of examples with source code.

EasyTunnel - Main.png

Data Logger

The Osmart Solutions Data Logger supports NB-IoT/ Cat-M and it’s designed for M2M and IIoT applications. With UART, RS485, WiFi, BLE interfaces, the Data Logger integrates IoT sensors to collect and data for data acquisition and transmission. By associating with Osmart Solutions cloud platform, which supports easy configuration, installation and deployment for smart city IoT network.


Helios Sensing Box

Using IoT technology, users are better informed of data acquisition and devices management. The Helios Sensing Box integrates transparent photovoltaic (PV), low power consumption, embedded design, and cloud platform into the Helios Sensing Box to remote monitoring by solar energy. By associating with cloud platform and wireless connectivity, the data can be collected and sent to monitoring devices without geographic restrictions and makes it possible to achieve information transmission in real time.


Energy Management System Plus (EMS+)

The Osmart Solutions Energy Management System Plus (EMS+) assists users in monitoring and optimizing energy efficiency. Energy efficiency is one of the easiest and most cost-effective ways to combat climate change, reduce energy costs for consumers. Moreover, energy efficiency saves money, increases the electric grid, and provides environmental, community, and health benefits. The Osmart Solutions EMS+ system provides data analysis to improve energy performance of buildings. With visualized interface, which helps users receive the real-time data of electricity consumption to monitor energy efficiency and improve energy management.

AI Video Analysis Platform

With AI technology, the surveillance camera supports automated administration with security analysis for public space.

Traditional surveillance camera relies on manpower to watch the monitor 24hrs a day to see if there is any danger, this kind of passive surveillance is easily affected by physiological and external factors, it is difficult to deal with the immediate danger, and most of them only review the image after the accident has occurred. To improve public security, the surveillance camera system integrates with AI automated security analysis is the trend of building surveillance systems nowadays.

Helios GPS Tracker

The Helios GPS Tracker is a solar-powered NB-IoT/Cat-M tracker designed for asset tracking. With lightweight and compact design, the tracker assists users install easily. By associating with the high performance built-in solar cell panel, which provides sufficient power to track asset whereabouts and capture all information by green power without batteries.

tracker 設計_工作區域 1 複本.png


Osmart Solutions provides accessories for water sensor and air sensor to detect water quality for rivers, seawater, aquiculture or sewage, and air quality in residence, factory, hospital, airport or office, etc.

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