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AI Video Analysis Platform

With AI technology, the surveillance camera supports automated administration with security analysis for public space.


Traditional surveillance camera relies on manpower to watch the monitor 24hrs a day to see if there is any danger, this kind of passive surveillance is easily affected by physiological and external factors, it is difficult to deal with the immediate danger, and most of them only review the image after the accident has occurred. To improve public security, the surveillance camera system integrates with AI automated security analysis is the trend of building surveillance systems nowadays.

OSMART integrates with AI image analysis solution to provide the Skeleton-print™ technology, which is 30% more accurate than other image recognition in the market. The solution assists business in high precision security analysis with limited budget.

The Skeleton-print™ technology accurately reads human behavior by capturing nearly 4,000 feature points on the human body and linking them to each other, reducing the false alarm rate of image recognition technology by 80%.


  • High Compatibility: No need to replace existing cameras. 

  • Event Notification: Automatically detects dangerous events in the field and sends immediate notifications.

  • Long Distance Detection: Effective identification of human condition even at 30 meters.

  • No Angle Limitation: Whether the human body is facing back to side to the camera, it can detect the current behavior of the human body.

  • Compliant with Internet Security (CIS) central benchmark

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