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Helios Sensing Box

Osmart Solutions develops and integrates Transparent PV, Low Power Consumption Embedded Design, and Cloud Platform into the Helios Sensing Box for Remotely Monitoring that is powered by solar green energy. The Green-system has built-in Solar cell with improved light absorption that to be able to sustainable running by renewable energy without the concerns of battery exchange or power cable. Through wireless connectivity, the data can be collected and sent to central monitoring devices or center without geographic restrictions. With reliable cloud platform that helps users not only for devices management and controls over the city or country, but at the same time, for data acquisition that become a useful analysis Big Data information, turn into the back-end Expert System, and then, reaching out the essentials of IIoT.  


  • Sustainable operation by solar power without battery or cable restrictions.

  • Long distance 4G/LTE wireless connection without the geographic or cable restrictions. 

  • Light, easy, high flexibility, and quick deployment.

  • Saving the manpower, expenses, and time cost when deployment and configuration. 

  • IP67 design and protection.

  • Support the software of power saving and management, power stabilizer, and data back-up storage.

  • Support network protocol and connection to cloud platform for remotely motoring, large number of devices management and control.

  • Support prompt alarm by Email, SMS, and the linkage of peripheric devices or equipment for security and automation.

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