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Why choose OSMART?

Osmat Solutions is dedicated to work out the most cost-effective, state-of-the art solutions and project management services ensuring trouble-free operations. By wealth of experience in industrial communications and infrastructure, we believe that every unit in the Industrial field can be connected, and elaborated through engineering and innovative knowledge, in order to achieve success in terms of the quality of life of consumers while driving and innovating our business. 

Green-IoT system for vertical solutions

Osmart Solutions is a supplier that develops Solar power , Wireless technology, smart Cloud platform integration, and, provides complete systematic smart networking/ Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) solutions, including Slope Stability Monitoring, Bridge/Building Structure Health Monitoring, Environmental Monitoring, Water Monitoring, Smart Agriculture/ Fishery, and Industrial Safety Monitoring. We provide a one-stop green and smart system of IIoT to fulfill the requirement of comprehensive upgrade wireless automation and smart network management in various fields.

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Internet Connectivity
LTE/ NB-IoT/ Cat-M

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Green Power Solar Power Renewable Power

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Power saving Embedded system / Power Saving Mode / High efficiency of solar collection and energy conversion

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Vertical solutions Calamity prevention / Smart agriculture and fishery / Water monitoring / Environmental monitoring

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Prompt alam
SMS/ Email

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Cloud platform Data visualization / Data Analysis / Device remote management / Remote Controls

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Network and Linkage
Pump / Water sprinkler / Gate

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Integration and consultant
System integration / Project Consultant / System customization

Solar Solutions for Outdoor Iot Devices

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